Everything You Need to Know About Unite

Download schedule with detailed event list (PDF)

Arena Information

Transportation & Parking at CHI Health Center Arena

Downtown Interactive Parking Map


CHI Center

On-site parking - Lot D $8/day
On-site parking - south side $12/day
(No re-entry privileges for CHI Center parking)

Hilton Hotel Parking (3-minute walk)
First Hour - Free
Per Hour - $3
Daily Max - $21 ($15/day for hotel guests)

Capitol District Parking (6-minute walk)
325 N 12th Street
1hr. - $6.00
1-4hrs. - $9.00
4-8hrs. - $12.00
8-24hrs. - $15.00

Omaha Park Eight (7-minute walk)
1215 Capitol
$3 flat rate
Opens 7:30am on Saturday

9th & Farnam Garage (10-minute walk)
828 Farnam
Requires Park Omaha app

Omaha Park One (14-minute walk)
1516 Douglas St.
$1/hour, $8 max
Credit cards only

Bus Parking - Lot D $20/day

For those traveling on buses from outlying areas, bus drop-off and pick-up will be in front of the main CHI entrance on 10th Street at the curb cut. Bus parking is provided in Lot D for a daily rate of $20.

Ride-share Discounts
To avoid parking, locals are encouraged to use ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. Special discounts are available for first-time riders at https://www.uber.com/promo/ and https://www.lyft.com/promo-coupon-code-free-rides.

Bus – Omaha Metro System
Cash adult fare = $1.25/ride.

Bus Stops Closest to CHI
12th & Dodge (7-minute walk) - Line 11, 92, Yellow (Council Bluffs)
12th & Harney (12-minute walk) - Line 15
10th & Douglas (7-minute walk) - Line 13, 18
10th & Cass St SW (1-minute walk) - Line 4, 16

FREE Surface Lot Parking
8th Street & Douglas – Free, 3-hour parking

Lewis & Clark Landing, Riverfront Drive

Street Parking Meters
N. 12th Street Between Douglas & Mike Fahey
2-4 hour limits but can refill

Download the Park Omaha app from your app store to refill a meter and extend time without having to return to your car.

Event Entry & Re-Entry

All event participants will be required to show proof of registration upon entry. This can be in the form of a printed registration confirmation or by showing a digital version of registration confirmation on a smartphone or other device. Children attending with their parents who are not registered to participate in one of the youth tracks can be admitted with a parent who has proof of registration.

Participants are welcome to leave the event and re-enter, but they will need to show proof of registration upon re-entry. There will be no re-entry after 9 p.m.

Information Kiosks

Information kiosks are located near Hall A on the first floor of the convention center, on the second floor of the convention center just across from the Hilton skybridge, and at the Plaza entrance to the arena at the bottom of the steps. Info kiosks are staffed with English-speaking and bilingual volunteers equipped to answer questions related to the event schedule and facility maps along with information for handicapped guests including reserved seating, hearing impaired devices, and other helpful details.

Arena Seating

General admission seating is located on all concourses; floor seating is reserved for deacons, clergy, religious, and other program participants. The arena will be open throughout the day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., except during Jim Gaffigan’s rehearsal from 12:15 p.m.-1:15 p.m. Saving seats is allowed, but ArchOmaha Unite and the CHI Center are not responsible for monitoring saved seats, items used to save seats, or helping to retrieve saved seats that end up being taken. Seating is limited and will fill quickly. Early arrival is encouraged.

Food & Concessions

The CHI Center provides a variety of concessions throughout the arena concourses which are open from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.and from 5 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. All concessions are closed during Mass. Additional concessions are available as part of the Latino Unite track in Exhibit Hall B from Noon - 3:30 p.m.

No outside food or beverages are allowed (other than empty personal water bottles). However, you may tailgate or keep food in your vehicle. Complimentary water stations are available throughout the event, and guests may fill personal water bottles.

Meal breaks are provided from noon-2 p.m. and again from 6-7:30 p.m. Guests are free to leave the CHI Center to eat meals in the local downtown area. Proof of registration will be required for re-entry. ArchOmaha Unite is not responsible for ensuring “saved seats” will be available upon return. Get info on food and beverage discounts at nearby restaurants and festivals here!

Event Information

Program Book, Event Schedule & Facility Maps

Participants will receive a program book upon entry. The program book has been printed in both English and Spanish and contains all of the information to ensure participants have a safe, joyful and memorable experience. The book includes event descriptions, facility maps, event schedules, a Mass guide, information about exhibitors, and a list of event sponsors whose generosity has made this event possible.

Additional event schedules and facility maps are available at all information kiosks and stations throughout the CHI Center. Posted event schedules are also located on banners throughout the facility.

Spanish Language Information

All ArchOmaha Unite information has been translated into Spanish, including the program book, event signage, arena jumbotron, information booth maps and handouts, and event handouts. Volunteers in gold-colored t-shirts are bilingual.

Unite Staff

Trained volunteers are stationed throughout the facility to answer questions, give directions and help in any way to ensure participants have a positive and memorable experience. Volunteers can be recognized by Unite T-shirts in red or in gold (English/Spanish bilingual).

Disability Accommodations

ArchOmaha Unite and the CHI Center provide a number of services to ensure that all participants feel welcome and have access to necessary accommodations.

  • Handicapped Seating - The arena is equipped with numerous ADA compliant platforms in both the lower and upper bowls. These areas are designed to accommodate one handicapped individual and his/her companion.

  • Sign Language Interpretation - The lowest rows of section 105 are reserved for the deaf to have close access to the two interpreters positioned on the arena floor at the base of the section. All arena-based events are interpreted.

  • Hearing Impaired Resources - The CHI Center offers a limited supply of two types of devices for guests who are hard of hearing and need some form of amplification. These items are available for checkout with a valid driver’s license from the Guest Services window along the main arena concourse behind Section 116. Should a device not be available during your visit, please check back later in the day to see if other devices have been returned and made available. Devices cannot be reserved and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • A limited number of listening-assistive devices with included headphones transmit audio from the arena for guests to control volume at their leisure.
    • A limited number of tablets serve as closed-captioning devices. The real-time audio feed from the arena is transcribed to the tablet. Should a tablet not be available when you visit Guest Services, staff can list the web address and an event code for guests to enter into their own smartphones to receive the same closed-captioning service.

Family-Friendly Services

ArchOmaha Unite and the CHI Center have provided a number of family-friendly services to assist families in making their day-long event experience positive and hassle-free:

  • Mother’s Nursing Room - Located in the second floor atrium in room 213, our nursing mother’s room provides six private nursing stalls each equipped with a chair and electric. A small refrigerator is provided along the back wall of the room for milk storage. These spaces are meant to be quiet and suitable for nursing, pumping, and quiet resting. Stalls are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

    If space is not available in the Mother’s Room, a Mamava nursing pod is located in the first floor of the convention center.

  • Toddler Cry Room - Located in the second floor atrium in room 214, the toddler cry room is for children four years and younger accompanied by one caretaker. The room is equipped with adult seating and live video streaming from the arena. Quiet toys and books are provided. During Mass, eucharistic ministers will distribute communion in this room.

  • Stroller Parking - Stroller parking is available in the narthex of the second floor atrium. An attendant is available for stroller check-in and check-out from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Strollers can be checked-in and out at anytime, but space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

First Aid and Utilities

Rest Areas

Seating areas are available throughout the atrium in addition to arena seating. Concession areas also offer limited dining areas from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Charging Stations

CHI Center provides three charges stations for cell phones and devices. Two are located on the second floor atrium on the convention side and one is located in the Grand Hallway outside of Exhibit Hall B in the lower atrium.


Public WiFi is not available on the convention side of the CHI Center, but it is available for free in the arena and concourses.

First Aid

A first aid station is located in the Grand Hallway atrium on the convention side and on the main concourse on the arena side. CHI Center provides an on-site ambulance in case of medical emergencies. Should immediate medical assistance be needed, please go to the nearest information kiosk or alert an event volunteer in red or gold-colored shirt.